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Largest Native American Jewelry Wholesaler

We are proud to be the largest Native American jewelry wholesaler and we can only do this because of our exceptional silversmiths and artisans. We got where we are today being a wholesaler that still cares about the quality of their products and with jewelry this is a must. Our Native American artists take time and effort handcrafting each product creating a truly unique piece of artwork. We only work with the best raw materials, silver and turquoise alike, creating the jewelry that you see today. We stand apart from our competition by instead of just making jewelry we create a masterpiece, from bracelets to rings and pendants expect nothing less than perfection when you choose Al Zuni.


Turquoise Native American Jewelry


Turquoise is a beautiful stone nothing compares to it, and thanks to our Native American artists we can stay confident in our stone pieces from rings to pendants we carry nothing but the best. The Zuni word for turquoise can be translated as “sky stone” which accurately captures the essence and beauty of the stone. Turquoise jewelry can be a common thing in certain regions but even with all of the competition our products stand out because each one has been handcrafted to perfection and nothing less.

Silver Wholesale Jewelry


All of the jewelry that we carry at Al Zuni is created using the highest quality raw materials and that includes our silver works. By using the purest silver available to us we can create countless breath taking pieces, each one unique from the last. We don’t look at our jewelry as something you just wear we look at it as a piece of art that has a personality of its own. Thanks to our master silversmiths we can provide our customers with exceptional products from earrings to bracelets, rest assured that each product that we carry has had several hours put into it and is a one of a kind.

Partnered with Famous Native American Artists

More Native American Artist Jewelry – Coming Soon!

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